Long and Hard

20190216_143200 Long and hard…the winters are long and hard here…get your mind out of the gutter, people.

Rather than beating around the bush for weeks and weeks, I’ll just throw this one up here for your viewing pleasure.

WARNING: may contain words that will make those who can’t handle sexual content… uneasy or uncomfortable.

(Also, I’ve got two rules about my poems: 1. I will not tell you WHEN I wrote a poem. 2. I will not tell you WHO I wrote a poem about. All other questions are fair game…but slip me a DM about it, don’t go all crazy in the comment section like you forgot to bring a condom to the biggest party of your life.)

DISCLAIMER: This is a sensual poem and contains some sexual subject matter. 

the ocean in my hair

woke up this morning

with sand between my toes

and the ocean in my hair

woke up this morning

with pressed lips

against the small of my back

and fingertips

to the touch

moved along my body then

the softness and sensuality

they are all inside me now

against me

holding me in

feeling like I’ll

burst into a million pieces

then and feeling like

it is a trillion now.

woke up this morning

with these parts of me

coming out

these parts of me

that I’ve been holding in and

trying and hoping

someone would find them

and begin

a whole new place

in my heart

it beats

it beats

faster than ever before

feeling his hands

in parts that his

breath explored

the ocean floor screamed

with moonlight ecstasy

and I

inside was screaming with


and it beats

it beats

even faster now

dancing at the water’s cold edge

and feeling the

edge of his fingers

explore my edges of my breasts

and nipples

and sides

and face

touching my hair

touching me

each place

with just the right


and I dug my toes in

just a little deeper then

planting myself in his heart

with my hand

his thoughts

wrapped around my sandy arms

and hips

he grabs

at my lips

with his tongue

and moves along my body then

we watched the black ocean

roar then

we felt its wind blow past

and chill us with the

thought that

this was too much

and my heart

just beats

faster then

even faster

it beats

it beats

when I think of my

black ocean and him

being right next to me

all around me

surrounded by his body

his lips

his hands

his fingertips

and ah….

it beats

it beats

it beats even faster than

the last time I saw him

and when I think of him

I begin to feel the sand

between my toes

and the ocean in my hair

feeling that I’ve already

broken myself into a million pieces

and when we

see each other again

will I break apart inside him?

but then I just

close my eyes

and let his eyes

be a part of my eyes

I let him be a part of my lips

my thoughts

my fingertips

against his

so soft and sweet

so perfect

when our bodies meet

and I think I know

what happens next

I wake up with

his heart in my chest

and my heart next

to his chest

and we feel

we wake up

together in our moments

we steal

from the ocean

when we wake up

we wake up

with the sand in our toes

and the ocean in our hair

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