Pockets (with audio)



are hard to think about…

so she puts them in her pockets.

She’s got

pockets for sadness

and pockets for pleasure.

She’s got

pockets for measuring her worth

and pockets for what she thinks she deserves.

She’s got

pockets for serving other’s needs,

and pockets for the truth of things.

Each one has its purpose:

to protect her heart

from shattering again.

She began to collect them

–a very long time ago—

when the life that she was living

wasn’t giving

her everything

that she’d hope for.

She thought it was selfish

to realize there was no ‘perfect’.

So she gathered up

–all of the things—

she couldn’t think about

and put them in her pockets.

They filled up

so much one day

she noticed the lining

beginning to fray

on the sides of her pockets.

So she secretly sewed patches

on the sides of her pockets

to keep things from getting away.

It worked for a while, it really did,

until she couldn’t convince herself

the weight they weighed

was too big.

When the first one made its hasty escape,

–she thought–

“What a waste!

It took up so much of my time and space.”

She cried for awhile

when she realized

a tiny bit of weight had been lifted as well.

And so she decided,

It was now or never.

She could turn them into something that was beautiful and clever,

like a little lesson hiding inside some nonsense poetry.

So she put on her prettiest of dresses

–that had millions of pockets—

(and millions of patches)

stood where everyone could see her,

gave each of the things

–she couldn’t think about—

wings and a kiss.

Sent them on their way, saying:

“Please, find someone who needs this.”










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