The Poet’s Quotes

They’ve presented themselves again.

–those quotes—

They keeping popping up again

creeping around corners

masquerading as madness that I must

–inhale and exhale–

until I can find their worth.

The birth of their wealth

will not be understood

until they are gone

and do not return.

But I’ll never quite know if I am free of them

or if they are on their way back to me.

(Which will keep my mastery humbled

and always in check with them.)

And if for a moment I forget a part of what I’ve learned in them

–they will find me–

and show me what I’ve forgotten.


These two must be in cahoots with each other because they keep showing up for me, together or very close to one another:

“Pain is weakness leaving the body.” –United States Marine Corp

“Yesterday is heavy, put it down.” –Unknown Author






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