Burn Me


Burn me.

Turn me into fire.

Go ahead, burn me.

Scorch me at the altar of your lies.

Turn my desires into ashes and trash my heart into a funeral pyre.

Burn me.

Roast my lips in broiling light every time I think of kissing you.

Torch the tips of my hair till they are singed and bare with regret for ever having spoken to you.

Go ahead, burn me.

Cauterize every continuous craving I hunger for you.

Incinerate the seconds I’ve lost wishing it was you instead of him.

Burn me.

Scald my arms into flesh so pink it looks wet.

Set my hips and thighs on fire every time I wonder what it would be like to wrap them around you.

Go ahead, burn me.

Turn me into flames so fiery and bright they birth a blue hue of light.

Brand my breasts with your sins and my mistakes.

Bake my body to a charred crisp as I long and miss something I’ve never had.

Burn me.

Let the heat cremate the memories I  wanted to make with you.

Let the blaze of us be gone between the bits you set a match to.

Go ahead, burn me.

Turn me into fire and watch me as I  smoke and smolder and sizzle away.

Watch as the toasted parts sear and decay into the darkest parts of eternity.

Burn me.

Watch as I wither into a thousand pieces waiting for you to sever the promises you made to me.

Burn me.

Watch as I ignite into a light so brilliant and bold you feel the heat from my heart turn you cold.

Burn me.

You’ve turned me into fire.

Now watch the ashes from which you conspired against me grow

Risen from the ruins of your dismissal

As you know,

It is only from something that is changed in truth, that it is grown.

Go ahead, burn me.














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