The Takedown (with audio)


Discredit her–

Discount her–

Dismiss her–

She won’t survive here.

Don’t listen to her–

Don’t look at her–

Don’t defend her–

She isn’t wanted here.

Dishonor her–

Disgrace her–

Discharge her–

She means nothing here.

Don’t watch her–

Don’t assist her–

Don’t advance her–

She’s not invited here.

What a fool she is

to think that she could actually

make a difference.

What a fool she is

to believe in her own


What a foolish little girl

–you see–

wishing she was everything

she was told she couldn’t be.

Banish her—

Break her—

Block her—

She won’t get past this.

Embarrass her—

Evict her—

Expel her—

She can’t move out of this.

Trick her—

Taunt her-

Torment her—

She isn’t going to handle this.

Remove her—

Revoke her—

Ruin her—

She’s never coming back from this.

What a fool she is

to think that you would help her

and support her.

What a fool she is

to believe your silence

meant your approval.

What a foolish little girl

–you see–

for thinking she could be grand

as a pawn in your reality.

But foolish little girls

can become

magnificent women.

Even the ones who think

they don’t belong

are given

the wisdom

to move on.


go ahead and mock her—

go ahead and talk about her—

laugh behind her back.

The very least you could do

would be to face her

so she could attack back

and make your ignorance

look foolish.

Go ahead, make fun of her—

Go ahead, quietly shun her—

she isn’t listening anymore.

Your cowardice is showing.

Your stupidity is growing.

The only fool she sees

is the one

who doesn’t believe

she is meant to be



      1. I don’t have the app, but can figure it out. During the day on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:30-11:30 AM. At night, most nights are free after 6 PM but before 9 PM because I love sleep (I’m such a party animal lol) except Thursday nights. I’m in Central time zone, btw.

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      2. Yes and no. I have one but am not on there often. I’m pretty much poetkisses everywhere except Instagram where I am _poetkisses (the underscore because those Insta people won’t let me have my old account back lol. I deleted it for safety once.)

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