Poetkissing Kenyans into Oblivion

“Come in, — come in! And know me better, man! I am the Ghost of Christmas Present. Look upon me! You have never seen the like of me before!”

–Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol

One of my favorite stories of all time. Reminds us that the only power we have is in the present…and what a waste of that power is if we do not do something meaningful in our lives.

So, come on in readers and listeners of Poetkisses! Let’s get meaningful and get to know me better by listening to this podcast that I got to have with a talented writer, inspirational motivator, comedian, and all-around awesome addition to your lives: Matthew Whiteside! We solve all the world’s problems in a little less than 2 hours. Or just a few of them. Either way, it was a blast to chat with him.

Listen to PoetKissing Kenyans into Oblivion from UniWeb Production Presents -First Draft With Matt Whiteside on Anchor: https://anchor.fm/matthew-whiteside/episodes/PoetKissing-Kenyans-into-Oblivion-e3j3ni

***Dear Kenyans,

I noticed last week that out of your entire population (48.46 million people), 9 of you read my work! It made my day. You get a few mentions in this podcast. Kisses to all 9 of you! 

****Dear Everyone from Everywhere else,

I see your numbers too! It is humbling and exciting and wonderful to see that people from all over the world have read/listened to my work. Each time there is a new country that pops up, I am thrilled! Hope you are having fun with it all! I’ve got lots and lots more to share. Kisses to all of you as well!

Check out some of Matthew’s inspirational work here:


And here…

Pretty sure all books need this type of review:


And he inspires more here…


Please feel free to email me at poetkisses@gmail.com if you have any questions!

May my poetry kiss your soul so deeply that you carry my words with you for always.

Poetkisses, aka Elizabeth Pufferfish Ramadi

P.S. If you can tell me “how” Matthew and I connected (listen to the Podcast!!), I’ll send you a copy of one of my new poems with the audio file before I post it. The poem is titled The Conditioning (told in the voice of the Robot as she conditions you, the reader.)







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