The Infinite Realms of Living (with audio)


I’m scared, she said.

Let’s hide, he said.

Where to? she said.

In plain sight, he said.

But she felt naked there.


Composed of the elements of reality

with a dose of anxiety.

As if she were a water filter

sifting through the sediments

of tomorrow’s eventuality.

I’m drowning here, she said.

Let’s drift away, he said.

Where to? she said.

Down the lazy river of daydreams, he said.

But the fantasy of living without being wasn’t freeing.

She felt sleepy there.

As if the waking part of her wasn’t really awake

but rather stuck

in a dream state.

I’ll suffocate here, she said.

Let’s float away, he said.

Where to? she said.

Through the maze of missing memories, he said.

But she felt forgotten there.

Lost in spaces that had been misplaced and mistaken for trash.

The sacredness of their treasures was stashed

away so the decay of their existence

would be


I’ll vanish here, she said.

Let’s ricochet away, he said.

Where to? she said.

In the forward and reverse of an echo’s repetition, he said.

But she felt like a trapped vibration

wishing for completion of her reiteration of time.

Seconds became years and years became


I’m a slave to the clocks here, she said.

Let’s tick tock away, he said.

Where to? she said.

In longing’s lust for desire, he said.

But she was always hungry there.

As if her appetite couldn’t be fed enough

marrow to sustain her livelihood.

She’d rather starve

than thirst in that kind of dehydration.

I’ll famish here, she said.

Let’s buffet away, he said.

Where to? she said.

In hindsight, he said.

But the retrospection of looking at everything as a lesson was


The realization that some things were never hers to begin with

birthed the constant message she wasn’t

learning enough.

It consumed her.

I’ll fail here, she said.

Let’s cram away, he said.

Where to? she said.

In present tense, he said.

As he the mentioned the realm of presence

her dance with courage began to take stance.

I’m not afraid here, she said.

Let’s exist away, he said.

And they did.

As if their current reality was basking in the

brilliance of living in the moment.

The power of the now was the sovereign

of suffering.

I’m awake here, she said.

Let’s conscious away, he said.

And they did.

Into the mindful melody of meditation, they let


be their dedication to living in a realm relentless

with forgiving

the past and future conditions.





















  1. To be honest, I don’t like much poetry (I love T.S. Eliot, Silverstein, and a few others here and there) but yours is amazing. I also am a bit jaded to existential philosophy at this point–because I’ve mucked around in it for so long–but the way you presented it was fresh, attention-catching, and very well-paced. I was a little afraid as the poem progressed, that there would be no happy resolution (I’m a sucker for happy endings) but I found myself smiling as the last part kicked in and I started to sense what was coming. Great poem and great reading. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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