mmm mmm some more (with audio)

DISCLAIMER: This is a sexual poem.

Fantasy Friday Poem #4

mesmerized at the thrill

of sitting still

and trying to fill

the intriguing/

–yet fatiguing–

longing for/

your lips and tongue to wrap around

her hips and tips of your

heightened lust grips.

the mastermind behind her

temptation of the masturbation

of your eyes and fingers

running up her thighs/

stimulates the distraction

to an insufferable reaction

of unsatisfied action.

But still…

she sits and listens and lingers

at your kissable lobes and suckable woes-

wondering what it would be like

to take a hike up your leg and peg

all the parts

that make you shiver and quiver

so all you deliver is-

mmm/mmm some more.


she’d have you on the table or floor-

faster than you could implore/

touching and rubbing and

licking and sticking her hands

in places you couldn’t stand.

she’d start at your toes and work her way up/

she’d cup every part in her mouth/

moving slowly south and then up again.

she’d show you the best places to begin/

and win those moans that she desires for-

mmm/mmm some more.

tantalized at the shrill

of the harmonious bill

you used to fill your sensual thoughts-

you’d be trapped and caught

in the dare of her stare

just yearning for your bodies to be bare.

the bumping and thumping of thighs

legs lapping/

tapping of toes/

ripping of clothes/

only your loins know where to go-

pushing and pulling

grabbing and nabbing-

nipples hardening

pardoning your parts

connecting as she starts/

the ticklish frenzy of free-falling

bucking and fucking–

mmm/mmm some more.

this enticing hunger for your pieces

increases at the very sight of you.


just imagine what you could do-

she has,

now so should you.

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