Prompt Word Poetry VSS365 #1 (with audio)

Hey everyone–

I started writing some “Prompt Word Poetry” on Twitter a couple of weeks ago. Each day, someone assigns a new word to use in some sort of poetry or a short story form that they Tweet that day…the catch is, it has to fit inside the excruciatingly miniscule limit of 280 characters.

I thought it would be fun to put them here in a post for my Poetkisses followers to see what I was up to. If you follow me on Twitter, sorry for the redundancy. If you don’t follow me on Twitter–get on over there!

My name/handle is @Poetkisses on Twitter.

*Please note, I used the word “worthy” in 3 of my VSS365 posts. I am aware of it. I hate to reiterate myself like that in my poetry, but there you have it…there you have it…I did it anyway.

**The word LOVE got two entries in one day…it was the only day I felt completely stressed about having to use a word that I felt deserved so much more than I was able to give it.



I shall not #reminisce

the me

I used to be.

I shall not miss

the person

I struggled to see

was worthy

of being loved

by someone

who only saw me





The #waif didn’t wonder why

others walked by

& didn’t care

that she was always hungry.

She didn’t cry

when they stepped on her toes

or pushed her aside

to die

amongst piles of garbage.

She only wondered why

they were worthy

of living

a full life

and somehow

she wasn’t.



The #maelstrom of her mind

turned time

into an excruciating existence

of begging the present tense

to disappear.

Her fears

she would never be okay again

mixed with her sadness that…

in the end, she didn’t really matter here.



She donned a #demure mask

when he asked her what was wrong.

Their song they sung had ended.

She knew if she pretended

to be fine,

he wouldn’t stay

to watch her cry away

their last day together.

Never shall she sever

the longing to be with him.

Deep within her heart,

his demon shall haunt

and never part

his need

to bleed her forever.



The #effervescence of their lust

rose like a kinetic madness

when they kissed.

The world didn’t stop for them,

it simply turned to dust

when they touched.



It wasn’t his perfection that she loved,

it was everything else she coveted.

She longed to hear the timbre of his voice

& the #cadence of the noises he made

when she kissed him just so.

She wanted his messiness & to know,

how could he leave her

& not know it would destroy her?



Do not waste

another moment

of this #ephemeral life

waiting to kiss me.

Take me in haste,

my darling.

Kiss me

so that I may taste

your ecstasy.

Kiss me

as if time

was our only enemy.

Kiss me

as if our kiss

could last

for all eternity.



Dear #Love,

I tried to capture you

inside my poem today.

I don’t know why

you wouldn’t stay

and play inside my poetry.

I fear, I failed miserably.

I wanted to prove

I knew everything about you.

When all I really want

is for you

to capture me too.



Oh #Love,

I wanted to give you

the most profound words

I could think of.

But it feels like

you’ve forgotten me—

as if I am used up

and not worthy

of the extraordinary


you’ve so freely given






  1. This is a great idea and the result was actually amazing 😊 Each poem is great and full of meanings despite the length and I say each one could make a different post 😊❤
    Hope you will receive this because my comment on your last post didn’t go through I guess
    Have a great day 😊❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I didn’t see a comment on my last post from you! What is going on with WordPress?! Thank you for your comment. These are definitely a challenge each day to write. But I like that! Gives me a little writing boost in the morning. I’ll go back through and make these into longer poems someday…just like you suggested! 😁😁 Have a wonderful day! 💗💞💗

      Liked by 1 person

      1. don’t worry, don’t know either but I just checked and it’s there just before John Coyote comment :/
        Yes sure this is a great idea to boost your mind but I don’t mind they’re short, I wanted to say each one can be separate even if short, but if it helps you boost your mind more than why not 😀 will enjoy more words ❤ have a great day and weekend

        Liked by 1 person

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