Prompt Word Poetry VSS365 #2 (with audio)

Prompt Word Poetry VSS365 #2

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*Some of these words and phrases make their way into my poems…






As our bodies collide into ecstasy,

the #zenith of our lust

is crushed into oblivion…

sending every desire we conspired

into a carnal elysium.



Cloaked in the darkness of her day,

she wondered if her Sun

ever had

heavy days.

The weight she wallowed in

made everything

feel #surreal.

Perhaps if I steal one of her rays

she’ll show me how it feels

to feel

light again.



I want to protect you, he said.

It is too late,

I’ve already fallen

for your #aphotic heart, she said.

I wish I could let the light in, he said.

My only regret,

is realizing





she said.



Take me back

to the white sands

and #azure skies.

I want to lie in the sunshine with you

and breathe in the salty air.

I want to share each whisper of lust

as the waves thrust past our toes

and crash

when our lips touch.

Take me back to the time


I was yours

and you were mine.



#Necrosis of the heart, they’ll say.

Each beat, given away


pounding her

into lonely decay.

Broken from the start,

she couldn’t heal




She mistakenly believed

she could

bleed away

every last drop

of her misery.



After tumbling through

their moonlight ecstasy,

they were peacefully #supine.

Entwining their bodies

like vines,

they stared into the darkness


capturing any signs of brightness.

“For every star you ever see,

always remember,

it is my love, from you to me.”



      1. It is definitely interesting to see how one word can prompt such different works. The character limits can be upsetting. The odd time it makes me want to cry. 😛

        And thank you! ^.^


  1. Oh I’m loving these short poems so much! It’s hard to decide which one is more beautiful since each one is totally different and totally amazing as well! Loved the pace as well, it was enjoyable to hear 😊
    I will find you on twitter even though I don’t like twitter at all 🙂 (don’t know what’s with twitter and Americans 😂😂) I followed Matt and I’m zero active but will try to participate 😊😊 Have a great day ❤ ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes!! So happy you are enjoying them. I didn’t realize how much of a challenge they were till I started to write them! I’ve built up a nice little collection though. Thank you for reading and for your comment, as always. 💗💞💗😍😍😊😁 (If you don’t want to follow me on Twitter, I will still post the poems on here! No worries whatsoever. I am on there to promote my work and some of my writing friends work…with the occasional picture of a snow storm. 😁)

      Liked by 1 person

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