Silenced (with audio)

(Please note, the Featured Image was found on the Twitter site @StreetArtMagic — no artist was named in the caption. Please see their site for more information/credit for artist. Their art inspired me to write the poem Silenced.)




Children silenced

Famished by war

by poverty


the spoils

from another


Silence them

with your borders

your walls

Tape their mouths


They mustn’t speak up

Silence their dreams

their screams

It is all too much

we forget

humans are humans

and every








  1. Very well done, important issues dealt with in a forceful and yet sensitive way, a reminder that we need to show we care, to show tenderness but to speak forcefully as well. The tone of your voice changes as the poem proceeds and I like that because it reflects the change from forcefulness to a more caring and compassionate voice. Very well done. I am sure that you are also proactive in helping these children. 🙂 🙂

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  2. Well these days not every life has worth and human beings are degrees! Some deserve to live and others deserve to die unfortunately! There is human 1st degree and human 10th degree…sometimes our fate is drew the moment we were born in certain country and nationality or maybe it’s been the case since forever 🤔🤔 yes it was!
    I loved this poem and these few yet striking words that you wrote and said perfectly 👌

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  3. I know a piece of poetry that saved a few young mens lives in boot camp:
    “Rose don’t glisten
    And violets don’t last.
    Better start to listen
    Or a boot up your ass.”

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