Clip Clip and Apathy Shelf


Clip Clip

Clip clip

with the slip

of his tongue

he tried to remove

her wings

Sting sting

with his baneful words

He was



with everything

But every time

he took her down

she grew

new wings

and a crown




far far away

g o n e

She was

born a Queen

and not

his pawn



Apathy Shelf

He has no empathy for me

I’m his porcelain dolly

A trophy

Nothing more than a fixture

in his reality

She thought

if I throw myself

off his shelf

and crack myself open

I’ll be broken

but at least

I’m free



that caused me

to live perfectly placed

on his shelf

of apathy


  1. Loved these lines so much! You’re certainly a queen and shouldn’t be treated less than this! And it’s better be broken and alone than being with someone who doesn’t know our value or neglect us…It’s perfect! 👌👌👏👏💖


  2. Lovely pieces, I like the idea of growing new wings, and in the second piece ‘at least I am free’ Both pieces focussing on mistreatment and the turning points in each are different but move to freedom. Good writing, good voice. Will the singing poetess return for us?

    Liked by 1 person

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