My Sweet Cerulean


into the waters of you, my sweet cerulean–

if you were but a trickle,

I’d suckle






the drops


on the tip

of my tongue

and then

swallow you



taking you in


m o l e c u l e





if you were but a splash in a well

I’d slip in

your stone cell

swirling and twirling

in your drinkable spell

sinking myself

into your murkiest of depths

I’d happily swim

in your darkness

if you were only but a splash in a well


a pond,

a lake,

a channel,

a strait–

the heat, the cool, the wakes, the narrow

even hot springs–I can take, my darling

to merrily stream my way through

every crevice that you

poured yourself into

would wet

my wildest of dreams

and keep me smiling, for always


on days your salty tears

formed estuaries

I’d gently wade

into the flora and fauna

that protected you

wrapping myself

like a blade of grass

bending and rocking

softly in the nursery of your sea


your waves, your waves

could carry me adrift

or crash me off cliffs

and I would ride each riff,

each swell, every crest

lapping you up

as you slapped the shore

with yourself


there is no ocean of you

that is too choppy

for me to swim through

no depth

I couldn’t




coast to coast

I’d roam the beach

eternally engrossed


for every chance

I could be

washed out

into your undertow of truth and reality


and when you finally retire

to more tepid waters, my darling

I’ll lay in your languid lagoon

swooning, nakedly

floating, quietly


how I feel you inside every part of me

like a temperate bath

drawn only for me

petals of your warmth

engulfing me

in your river of paradise

~only you

could entice me

to never stand

on dry land, again~


into the abyss of you, my sweet cerulean

as I wade into your waters of blue

I blink, I sink into you

I’m falling, I’m falling

I’m crashing, my darling

my sweet cerulean, ceaselessly I swim

into your waters, your waters of blue


  1. So wonderful. I love when you read your words. You make the reader believe every words dear Poet. Maybe you could write a poem for my new story. The Island. I have three goddesses who are tempting and wonderful in the tale. I written five chapter and today, six new poem for the story. Thank you for sharing your verbal poetry. You make me want to write.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. First five chapter are posted. Called “the Island”. Using myth and tale. I believe you would like. I wrote 7,000 words in one day. With work, hard to find time to write. I believe I miss the erotic needed for the women characters. Thank you dear Poet for your comment.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Also I wrote nine poem for the story. The story came to me in a dream. Thanks to 11 anthrax shots and 1000 malaria pills. My mind isn’t working. Old stories slip into dreams for me to write. Thank you for your time. My goal to publish some books, late next year. I love your work, make me wander to better days.

        Liked by 1 person

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